The Top 5 Custom Pools on Anna Marie Island

Anna Marie Island, a pristine gem off Florida’s Gulf Coast, is renowned for its turquoise waters and sandy beaches. Its tranquil setting makes it a coveted spot for those seeking a slice of paradise. And for homeowners here, luxury is not limited to just their interiors; it extends to their backyards in the form of custom pools.

1. The Sleek & Linear

Straight lines and defined angles are the signature traits of this pool. This pool showcases the minimalist elegance of linear geometry. This pool is a modern work of art, complementing the contemporary architecture of many Anna Marie homes. The sheer simplicity, combined with luxurious features, makes this design both eye-catching and timeless.

2. The Lakeside Retreat

This modern pool embraces the trend of merging indoor and outdoor spaces. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow for a clear view of the pristine waters outside, extending the feeling of endless space.

The beauty of this pool lies in its ability to bring the tranquil ambiance of the adjacent lake right into the homeowner’s backyard. With a deck made of muted, cool-toned tiles, the pool reflects the serene vibes of lakeside living, adding an unparalleled charm to Anna Marie residences.

3. The Multi-Level Pool

Terraced designs aren’t just for gardens. This pool offers multiple levels for all ages. An incorporated spa section for relaxation make this a multi-sensory delight.

4. The LED Hot Tub

Equipped with LED lights that can display an array of colors, this pool illuminates the night, casting reflections on the surrounding palm trees and tropical foliage.

These lighting systems enhance safety by providing clear visibility during those nighttime soaks. With a sleek design, modern jets, and tech-driven features, the LED Hot Tub has become an epitome of luxury and relaxation. 

5. The Million Dollar Villa

Anna Marie Island has always been synonymous with luxury, but nothing quite epitomizes this more than this Million Dollar Villa’s Pool. Nestled within an opulent villa that overlooks the serene waters of the Gulf of Mexico, this pool has become the talk of the island.

Every inch of this pool speaks of affluence. The sleek, geometric lines seamlessly integrate with the villa’s modern architecture, making it hard to tell where the indoor luxury ends and the outdoor paradise begins. 

Custom Pools as an Investment

While these pools undoubtedly serve as personal sanctuaries, there’s also the investment angle to consider. A custom pool is more than just a lavish addition; it’s a value booster. Property listings on Anna Marie with custom pools often fetch higher prices. Moreover, they captivate potential buyers, giving them a glimpse of a luxurious island lifestyle.


Custom pools on Anna Marie Island, with their blend of artistry and opulence, are the epitome of coastal luxury. Whether you’re an island native or just visiting, these pools are a testament to Anna Marie’s evolution as a premier destination. As someone who calls this island home, I can assure you that these aquatic marvels embody the very essence of what Anna Marie has to offer.